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Bivongi is located in an area full of sites of natural beauty; it is situated in a valley, set upon the right bank of the river Stilaro at the foot of Mount Consolino. The natural lakes, surrounded by rocks, invite you to dive into the simplicity of the unspoilt nature. Numerous archaeological remains bear witness to the ancient origins of the town. The Vignali Park and the Marmico Waterfalls are both worth a visit.
Bivongi's economy is tied to agriculture and animal rearing; it is especially renowned for its oil and its wine for which it possesses the Denominazione di Origine Controllata (Denomination of controlled origin) quality guarantee.
As well as its interesting historical centre, at Bivongi there are also: the Chiesa Madre (Mother Church) and the Monastery of San Giovanni Theristis (the only Orthodox monastery in Italy). Another peculiarity of this corner of paradise is the fusion between industry and nature which is particularly visible in the Stillaro Valley where, still today, it is possible to make out the entrances of the mines and the mills.

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