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Pizzo, pretty and picturesque town, situated on the slope of a steep promontory, which is known locally as Lu Pizzu - hence its name Pizzo - is one of the liveliest centres of Calabria's Tyrrhenian coast. It is of medieval origin with the buildings and narrow lanes sloping down towards the sea.
Pizzo Marina is a popular seaside resort on the littoral, fringed by wonderful cliffs and, also, a famous tuna fishing centre. Rising up in the old part of the town, at the end of Piazza Umberto I, which is the town's main square, is the Castle erected in 1486 by order of Ferdinand I of Aragon and later restored. Gioacchino Murat, who bad sailed from Corsica, along with a few followers, in an attempt to reconquer the Kingdom of Naples but who was captured as soon as he landed, was tried and shot to death in the Castle on October 13th, 1815.

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