Loc. Petto Bianco - Santa Maria di Ricadi - Capo Vaticano
89866 - Ricadi (VV)

Tel.: (+49) 203 21812
Fax (+49) 203 27306

Position: at 150 m, a.s.l., only 900 m, from the beach; panoramic view of the coast with the Gulf of Gioia Tauro and of St. Euphemia and the isle of Lipari until Sicily
Appartamenti Le Ville

The Residence Le Ville, located on the promontory of Capo Vaticano, called too “Coast of the Gods” for it beauty, offer you not only relaxing but is mainly a starting point to experience all the beauties of this region… Discover this country for your holiday and enjoy it!


Photo Tour

The Capo Vaticano coast is characterized by suggestive little beaches with white and very fine sand, separated from Monolithic rocks. The latter emerge from the sea and some of them can be reached only by sea, which has a crystal-clear limpidness. An enchanting coast, coloured with palm trees and cactus, myrtle and broom, geranium and wild poppies; an interlacing of steep reef of rocks, which falls straight up the sea, enclosing in it these little white beaches.