In fact, the Torre Ruffa is the area "no kids" (without children).
It looks like a small alley on the sea, very distinctive and full of atmosphere with the main street and its little alleys that all lead to see the sea and also a beautiful terrace on the sea.

The hotel rooms seem to many white houses all on the ground floor, immersed in a sea landscape between the flowers and the green of the gardens.

It is a very romantic and confidential location on the sea where there are also the relax center "My massage" and the "Torre Ruffa" Disco Pub Night (from 19/7 to 1/9).

Torre Ruffa is an area best suited to young people and those who feel young and especially to those who love, at times, experience the holiday in a context devoid of habits related to the presence of children or elderly persons. No kids...No oldies!

Very suitable for couples, groups of friends, singles and families with children aged 16 years and over, Torre Ruffa is the best way to conceive of the holiday along with the other, full of fun, sport and relaxation at their own pace and their own times.