The coast presents a slight slope on the sea and therefore it makes it possible to easily take out the boats in the evening. Childrend can enjoy total freedom inside the village without danger, thus giving the parents the opportunity to enjoy a problem free holiday.

The central position of the Baia di Trainiti on the calabrian penisula makes it possible to reach a number of first class touristic location in a short time: Tropea at 15 Km, the remains of S. Eufemia benedictine abbey (20 km), the noble Nicastro and Maida with their castle (30 Km), the Sila (65 Km) and many other interesting places. The camping enjoys a lot of greenery, water and an excellent paved acces way in the plain.

The Baia di Trainiti, although quite near the residential centres is still a true happy island where you could retire undisturbed on a deserted beach that can only be reaches from the sea and where the only sounds heard are those of the nature.