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Since the Magna Grecia to talk about Calabria and mountains meant to talk about the Sila, the unlimited and impressive Sylva Bruttia that with its secular and unaccessible forests covered the whole central region of Calabria.
Again today visitors and tourists continue to get amazed and astonished by meeting, a few kilometers away from the Ionic or Tyrrhenian coast, such a variety of woods (large pines, beeches, oaks, chestnuts) stuggered by meadowlads und pastures, rich of streams and lakes, enough to make this wide upland, often compared to the north european regions, the authentic green heart of the Mediterranean.
Raising out of the waters of the ocean around seven millions years ago, at a period much more remote than the major part of the Italian peninsula, the Silan upland takes its particular orographic formation to the incesscnt erosive action of the atmospheric agents and of the glaciers that covered its summits until only 10.000 years ago.
The north side of the upland, present on the Sibari plain, takes the name of "Sila Greca", denomination due to the ancient migratory flows of Greek and Albanian populations ethnic and culture still alive and present in the villages placed at the slopes of these mounts.
Sila National Park
In the Sila, there is tourist accommodation available in hotels, farm holiday, farmhouse, residence self-catering accommodation, b&b, rooms for rent, holiday homes, camp sites and tourist villages.

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