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The Big Sila spreads to the center of the massif and includes the most densily populated and active areas of the upland: from the renowned touristic center of Camigliatello Silano and Lorica known specially for the ski resorts of Mount Curcio and Mount Botte Donato, to the artificial lakes of Cecita and Arbo, to the extraordinary territory of the Calabrian National Park in Sila Grande that includes between others the impressive forest of the Fossiata and the small natural reserve of the Giant of Fallistro, colony of secular Larch Pines, last specimen of the primitive forest having survived at centuries of continuos deforestation, plants that reach above the 40 meters of height and a diameter of around 2 meters.
More to the south spreads the Little Sila that includes some of the most complete corners of the Silano habitat, such as the Tacina Valley, the gorge of the Soleo stream, the valleys of Circila and Crocchio and the Gariglione thick wood, one out of the most renowned Calabrian forests located at the center of the Calabria National Park in Little Sila.