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Art - Calabria's artistic heritage reflects the region's historical vicissitudes. This wealth of heritage is often to be found in Calabria's small towns and testifies to a cultural life which dates back thousands of years. Buildings straight from art history textbooks, sculptures, bas-reliefs, works of art of various types of workmanship, all bear witness to the civilisation of Magna Graecia and that of subsequent periods of Calabria's history. The paintings of all schools and centuries to be found in the region's museums and churches are considered an important part of Italy's cultural heritage. The majesty of the Riace Bronzes, now famous throughout the world, the canvases of Mattia Preti, the splendour of the wooden chairs and statues which adorn Calabria's churches, the minor architecture which dates back to the various historical periods, Calabria can offer to the tourist and also to the most demanding scholar a great, unique artistic itinerary. The artistic heritage intermingles with crafts tradition which lives and flourishes in Calabria's small hill and mountain villages. Ceramics and wood sculptures, copper artefacts, yarn - the fantasy and the wealth of Calabria's celebrated quality crafts can amaze the tourist.

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