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Calabrian cuisine is natural and immaginative, with strong and sharp flavours, a remarkable mix of the various cultures which have found home in the region over the centuries. Pasta is generally made at home and there are as many types of pasta as there are pasta sauces. These sauces are nearly always prepared using beef, veal, pork, lamb, patiently and carefully cooked in a home-made tomato puree and conserved with extra virgin olive oil. This is then further flavoured and spiced with some local chilli. In Calabria's mountain villages, you must try the various mushroom dishes which are prepared using the fragrant pore mushroom of the Sila or the rosito mushroom. The many varieties of mushroom are well suited to the Calabrian cuisine with its many tasty recipes whose poverty is only apparent and only enhances the flavours without altering them. Meat is generally cooked in a sauce or roasted. Roast kid with potatoes and embellished with peas and artichokes depending on the season is a particular delight. It is not rare for the countless vegetables and home-grown products proffered as side dishes to eclipse the main dish: stuffed aubergines and stewed peppers often act as a foil to conserves prepared with the same vegetables. In the coastal zones on the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas, fish is also important in Calabrian cuisine. Tuna and the thousands of ways of preparing swordfish, fried locally-caught fish, soups, fish in sauce and the various types of oven-baked rolls are all dishes no visitor should leave Calabria without having tried. Of Calabria's cakes, the most characteristics is undoubtedly the cozzupa which is always shaped as an animal or a human or a basket or a heart. The mixture is that for ciambelle or ring- shaped cakes and it is baked after having been decorated with eggs fixed with a small cross. The list of Calabrian cakes is very long; honey torrone (nougat), or compittu, mostaccioli, nepitelli (cakes stuffed with nuts, sultanas, chocolate and spices), pitte 'nchiuse, grain and ricotta cottage cheese tarts. Calabria's cheeses and salami are in a class of their own, Among the cheeses, the most renowned are the provolone cheese from Sila and the cheese produced at Monte Poro near Vibo Valentia. The range of salamis include sausages, brawn, and capicollo salami, Calabrias wines have a tradition which dates back many hundreds of years. The most well-known is Ciro which is produced in the area of the same name near Crotone and was offered to eminent guests of Magna Graecia and to the athletes who won in the Olympic Games, Other, less well-known Calabrian wines are those produced in the zones of Sibari, Cosenza and Reggio Calabria, DOC Calabrian wines include: Bivongi, Ciro, Crati, Greco di Bianco, Lamezia, Melissa, Pollino, Savuto, Wines from the zones of Vibo and Rossano also well worth a try.

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