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History and Culture - Calabria is a region of ancient Mediterranean culture and it is the place from which Italy derives its name. Italia, in fact, is a derivation of Italo, a king of Calabria. There are many archeological traces of ancient times, from prehistory to the settlements of the autochthonous Bruttians, to the great epic period of the Magna Graecia. Calabria can still give important visible testimony of these epochs, which were so fundamental for European history and culture. For example, the ruins of Sibari, the Roccelletta at Borgia, Locri and in its many museums. The Romans, Lombard Goths, Byzantines, Normans, Swabians, Angevins, Aragoneses up to the Bourbons have left architectural remains of great cultural and artistic importance in the land of the Bruttians. Calabria was therefore a bridge for different cultures, a land of transit, and for this reason exposed to assaults and invasions, to dominations and great popular uprisings for freedom. These historical phases have left their indelible imprint in the life and culture of Calabria, and still tangibly shape the form of Calabrias towns. For the tourist, all this undoubtedly makes this journey through the history of man more fascinating.

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