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Amalfi Coast
World Heritage Site UNESCO

Amalfi, originally Roman, was the first Sea Republic of Italy. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it was the first city to re-establish relationships between East and West by transporting and introducing into Italy exotic merchandise such as carpets, coffee and paper. Amalfi had its own coin (the Tar), was the home of Flavio Gioia, the inventor of the compass and gave the navigators the famous maritime law known as "Tabula de Amalpha".
Amalfi founded an imposing hospital in Jerusalem which could contain 2000 beds and which gave birth, in 1112, thanks to Brother Gerardo Sasso from Scala, to the first military and religious Order called at first the Knights of St. John, then the Knights of Cyprus, of Rhodes and, in 1530, of Malta, still existing today. The Knights fought repeatedly against the Saracens and, in 849, they defended Rome and the Church in the famous battle of Ostia. Amalfi is a quiet and pictoresque seaside resort with a temperate climate and incomparable natural beauties. It has some of the holdest hotels in Italy as well as many modern ones.
To Visit: The Duomo built about the 6th century and dedicated to St Andrew the Apostle whose remains are kept in the crypt Its present facade, brilliant with mosaics, is in Oriental style; its bronze doors, the first ones to appear in Italy, were given to Amalfi by Pantaleone di Mauro Comite, a noble man from Amalfi who melted them in the 11th century in Constantinople where he lived and led the Imperial Party. The Cloister of Paradise set beside the Duomo was built the 13th century in Arabian style. lt holds ancient sarcophagi, marble sculptures and mosaics. The Ancient Armouries of the Amalfi Republic, dating back to the 9th century, witness a glorious maritime past The Salone Morelli where you can admire the 14 paintings by Domenico Morelli, reproduced in mosaic on the fronton of the Duomo; some paintings and sketches by the Amalfitan painter Pietro Scoppetta and the artistic pluteus holding the only existing specimen of the "Tabula de Amalpha", the costumes for the Regattas.

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