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It is also the seat of European University Centre for the Cultural Heritage. Villa Cimbrone, the other garden of Ravello, is famous for its breathtaking Belvedere, from which one can admire "the most beautiful view in the world" as says Gore Vidal, honorary citizen of Ravello. Others who have stayed here are D. H. Lawrence, author of "Lady Chatterley's lover" and Greta Garbo, who came here with her lover Leopold Stokowski, as inscribed on a plaque at the entrance of the avenue of the villa.
Complete the list of monuments which can be visited as one strolls along the streets and alleyways of this enchanting town: the church of San Giovanni del Toro, with its Pulpit in mosaic by Alfano da Termoli; the churches of Santa Maria a Gradillo and Santissima Annunziata, that has recently been restored and transformed into a conference hall; Villa Episcopio, that was Villa di Sangro, where King Vittorio Emanuele III signed his abdication in favour of his son Umberto II and where Jacqueline Kennedy also stayed on a memorable holiday; the cloister of the 13th century convent of St. Francesco with his library, and the Piazza Fontana Moresca.