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The town of Pozzuoli was founded in 530 B.C. by a group of fugitives from the Greek island of Sarno, having been exiled by their own government; for this reason, they named the town Dicearchia, which means "fair government". Today, the area arouses interest for its various aspects: historical, archaeological, religious, naturalistic, gastronomical and for its spa waters.
The most visited sites are: the Flavio amphitheatre, where the animals which were destined for the gladiators' shows were held, positioned on the main road through the today's Pozzuoli; the temple of Serapide, considered to have been a very large, much used market, after the discovery of a statue of the Egyptian God Serapis, during excavations in 1750; the church of San Gennaro, built between the end of the VI and the beginning of the VII century in honour of the bishop of Benevento, place where he was assassinated; the Solfatara, a volcano of very ancient origins where it is possible to enjoy treatments with the muds and the sulphurous waters; the Spa of Nettuno and the Rione Terra, which was the first acropolis of Dicearchia.

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