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Barano is the second largest borough of the Ischia Island with a landscape very similar to that of the southern part of Serrara Fontana. It is predominantly farmland - arable - bot a lot of its territory is dedicated to tourism with such areas as Maronti Beach, the spas of Nitrodi. The Borough has many small villages - Buonopane, Testaccio, Piedimonte, Fiaiano, Vatoliere, Molara, Schiappone and Chiummano.

Countryside: The village of Barano has a charming sea facing square, from here looking eastwards the point of San Pancrazio, with Sant'Angelo off to the south is almost always visible as the road climbs uphill. The churches of San Rocco and San Sebastian are situated in the village square.

Enviroment: With an altitude of 210 meters which rises to 287 meters in Buonopane, Barano offers cooling sea breezes and fascinating walks across the slopes of Mount Trippodi, often through vineyards and flourishing orchards. It was from here in 1301 in Fiaiano that the last volcanic eruption began. The lava flowed down the moontainside to Ischia Ponte destroying the medieval city of Geronda - as a result the soil in this area is extremely fertile. Finally the two antique spas Olmitello and Nitrodi, famous since Roman Times, also offering spectacular scenery, should be visited.

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