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The Borough of Serrara Fontana is the least populated but the highest, reaching 788 meters above sea level - the area is predominantly hilly and its inhabitants farmers. From the village of Fontana the peaks of Mount Epomeo are accessible, either on foot or an muleback. The most famous village in Serrara Fontana is pretty Sant'Angelo also the beaches of Maronti and Cavascura. Other villages to visit are Noia, Calimea, Pantano, Ciglio, & Succhivo. Serrara Fontana is the most picturesque area of the island.

Countryside: The charming pretty village of Sant'Angelo preferred by many tourists for its tranquility, is the "Jewel" of this rural district. Serrara's "wild" fauna attracts many artists & theatre and showbusiness personalities.

Enviroment: Similar to Barano - Serrara Fontana is a mixture of beaches, coves and bays blending easily with hills, caves and mountains. It has a limited coastline hut great areas of natural beauty especially in Sant'Angelo, Cava Grado and Maronti Beach with its steam geyers. Not forgetting the thermal establishments of Cava Scura, close by Maronti Beach with its thermal sea water and the spa of Olmitello.

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