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Piazza Serrara: The village square of Serrara offers a splendid view of Sant'Angelo. It is encircled by the Parish Church, Town Hall, Assembly Hall and houses characteristic of the area.
PIazza Serrara: At the very top of Mount Epomeo 789 meters above sea level are the hermitage and chapel of Saint Nicol gouged out of the mountain side. The chapel was completed in 1459 and the hermit entombed therein. It also has a statue dedicated to the Saint (1500) and a small chapel dedicated to the Crucifixion.
Santa Maria La Sacra - Church: This is the oldest Parish Church on the island. Built by Bartholomew Busulariis of Pavia Bishop of Ischia in 1374 - the Angioni Kings took refuge here during the skirmishs between the Aragonese. The square of Fontana offers splendid views.