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Ferdinando II (Ferrandino) escaped from the city of Naples which was occupied by Charles VIII's troops and took refuge in the Castle. After assassinating the traitor/Lord of the Manor, Guistino della Candida, Ferdinando II left the Castle in the hands of Innico d'Avalos Marquis of Pescara and Vasto, who valiantly defended it against the attacking French fleet. The Castle and island passed under the control of the D'Avalos family until the middle of the XVIII century. The poetess Vittoria Colonna married Ferrante D'Avalos, victor of the Battle of Pavia in the Castle's Cathedral on 27th December 1509. Under her guidance and that of Costance D'Avalos the Castle became a literary circle of European farne. After a period of obscurity the island again found farne under the Bourbon Dynasty. Carlo III actuated a social recovery, abolishing the feudal regime of the D'Avalos, and suppressing the bands of brigands living in the hills of the island. With this first reform the island fell under Royal domain and was administrated and governed from the Castle. At thor time of the Partenopen Republic many Ischitan intellectuals mainly priests, actively participated in the Jacobean movement. But in March 1799 the patriots' hopes were dashed in a blood bath. Francesco Buonocore nephew of Doctor Buonocore Commandor of Ischia was among the martyrs hung. Under the domain of Gioacchino Murat, the French occupied the island and defended it behind the Castle's battlements from the attacking English/Bourbon fleet led by Admiral Nelson. Ferdinando II of Bourbon enlarged the small lake in Ischia Port, officially opening it 17th September 1854, he also built the Church of Portosalvo and the inland riad between Lacco Ameno and Forio. With the unity of Itely and an increasing interest in thermal waters a tourism of the "elite" bergan; initally im Casamicciola Terme, site of many important thermal establishments, among which tue Pip Monte della Misericordia.
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