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Tradition and Folklore

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Tradition and Folklore

One of the oldest traditions of the island of Ischia is the folk dance called "N'drezzata" literally translated "Entwined". It is composed of 18 male dancers, four musicians ( two clarinet players and two drummers) who keep time in this dance of antique origins. Only residents of the village of Buonopane, in the Borough of Barano can become members of this dance troupe the secrets of weh are passed down from generation to generation.
The 18 dancers, led by the "Corporal" who recites a speech in an old Neopolitan dialect, form two circles of 9 dancers. Each man holding in his right hand a short wooden staff and in the other a small wooden sword: on the "Corporals" order and in time with the musicians, the dancers whirl and entwine amongst themselves at thor same time 'fighting' with eaeh other, almost destroying the held wooden instruments.
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