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As the greater part of the localities situated in the zone of the Picentini, the commune of San Cipriano Picentino must its birth to the consequence of the Romanesque attack that destroyed Picentia and provoked to the dispersion of its inhabitants in the surrounding territories. San Cipriano Picentino is found over a hill and it is characterized from one great vegetation, churches, convents and basilicas.
The fractions are: Vignale, Pezzano, Filetta and Campigliano. To see in the country are the numerous churches that indicate the belief of the inhabitants. Still before to arrive in the center of San Cipriano Picentino we find the little chapel dedicated to the Madonna of the Carmelo. Where there are the diggings of Pozzilli Village rise the Church Mother of Cartagine that allows to see the diggings through a pavement of glass, situated to the feet of the Greater Altar.
In the center of Vignale, on the Monna mount we find the Church of S. Eustachio without to forget the Chapel Maria SS. Immacolata very admired from the inhabitants. Between the events and the manifestations of Saint Cipriano we remember on 16th September where it comes celebrated the festivity of the Saint Patrono, Saint Cipriano; in the same period it comes celebrated the festival of the grape and the wine. In October month the festivity of the chestnut.

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