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At Capo di Conca headland, there's a massive tower erected in XVI century, to guard and defend from the Saracen invasions, watching over the coastline, situated between Praiano and Amalfi. Nexting in the bay of Conca dei Marini you find the "Emerald Grotto"; it's one of the largest and famous Grotto, fashinating with its evocative view of bizarre stalactites and stalagmites against the backgound of an incredibly emerald-coloured sea. "Emerald Grotto", discovered in 1932 by Luigi Buonocore, measures 45 m. Daylight filters through an entrance causing it to refract and change colour in Emerald Grotto there's a gracious ceramic crib laid in 1956 by skin-drivers. In Conca dei Marini, plunged into a beautiful olive-grove, appears the Church of San Pancrazio. In 1543 the rowers of five Turkish Galleys disembarked here and ransached this Church stripping it its art treasures. To reply, the local inhabitants built a tower. Each years (on 13th June) arrived on foot many citizens from other countries, to pray the Saint, "zitelle scapellate" (girls white dressed) start to sing reaching S.Pancrazio asking a miracle.