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Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park with the Archeological sites of Paestum and Velia, and the Certosa di Padula
World Heritage Site UNESCO

San Mauro del Cilento is situated about 80 km from Salerno and consists of two small towns: Casalsoprano and Casalsottano. Casalsoprano, San Mauro Cilento proper, is made up of a few groups of houses (Serra, Vallongella, Sorrentini, Ratto) which have remained practically the same as they were in times past. The largest village is Serra, whose small piazza is overlooked by a number of elegant buildings and by the chapel of San Nicola. The village is dominated by the Monte della Stella mountain, the splendid woods of which permit you a few minutes' walk through an almost completely unspoilt and natural environment.
The inhabitants still live according to the healthy farming culture in which working the land constitutes one of the main points of reference in their daily life. Casalsottano, however, is surrounded by century-old olive groves and is positioned on the crest of a hill which extends towards the sea. It is a peaceful and elegant town with a genuine, strongly felt sense of hospitality. The imposing structure of the parish church and the other places of worship still represent the main social and cultural reference points, just as in the past centuries; they command a view of the tops of the houses and their lone figures dominate over the town. Closer to the sea, Marina di Mezzatorre, a reasonably large built up area prevalently aimed at the tourist market, has recently developed.

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