Picture in your mind a large plain, where many waterways flow, surrounded by soft hills and fill your eyes with the blueness of the Mermaids sea: Ulysses also came by and stopped here and, after him, splendid Doric temples rose nurturing the art of Life and Health. Shaded by pine-trees a large white villa can be seen, with thirty windows, thirty set tables, thirty blue umbrellas, awaiting gentle guests in love with nature. Theres the Calypso, built half a century ago and now, for several years, Roberto and Gabriella have turned it into a dream of harmony, health and serenity grateful for sun, air, water, earth and their exquisite fruits. Right by the sea, then, that can be reached through the scented Mediterranean grove, finding there beauty, peace and the thrills of nature. Locals and visitors enjoy birdwatching, horseriding, or simply strolling at the sunset along the shore as they gather little coloured shells in the beautiful low season wilderness of Paestum endless sandy beach. Summertime draws sunbakers and sunlovers, enjoying a playful time or a lazy-wave atmosphere, to our Beach Resort. Within reach of the sea framing your balconys view, toast with a fresh Fiano, and, after a leisurely quarter of an hours walk among blossoming bushes, see the sun setting behind the Doric columns bathed in crimson light. Then, as the summer night surrounds you, join the magic of night strolls through the magnificent site of Poseidonia-Paestum. One cannot quite pin-point what it is that makes you feel at home, in this long standing villa. Is it the Amalfi light captured in Majolica tiles, the long living walnut wood, the echoing high ceilings, the summer coolness of thick walls or the cosmopolitan lounge where rare travel souvenirs or local artworks bring to mind stories of the Grand Tour.