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Salerno, with its industrial port and with the evenness of the roofs of the houses, is surrounded by a plain which is gently enclosed by green hillsides and by an incredibly calm sea. Over the course of the centuries, the city has been marked by the historical events experienced when facing different civilisations and cultures; it did not suffer from them but, on the contrary, was able to converse and to compare itself with them. An example could be its very famous School of Medicine, built in the IX century, which shone like a beacon of civilisation and science in the Europe run through with uncouthness.
Of Etruscan-Campana origins, first the Lombards and then the Normans made of it an economic and military power. Capital of Italy in 1945, today it is the main city of the second province in Italy as far as its territorial expanse is concerned; a big productive centre, it has a primary importance for tourism and culture and is, in fact, the venue for international festivals of the cinema and of cabaret. The city possesses an infinite number of artistic and architectural treasure from all the eras and in all styles; in addition, particularly striking are: the beautiful Arechi castle which overlooks the city, the splendid Romanesque cathedral, the Etruscan-Samnite necropolis. Salerno is a place where the East and the West seem to blend together, producing astonishing panoramas, cultures and traditions.

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