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Bologna is the chieftown of Emilia-Romagna, a town with 400.000 inhabitants, situated at the boundary with the Padana Plain and with the Apennines. Since ancient times, the town has always been a fixed course in the way from the North to the South of Italy. Bologna is rich in art and history, so you can visit it with a great pleasure, because it is full of culture, but not very known among the commonest touristic routes in the Italian peninsula. The most important features and the symbols themselves of Bologna are two towers: Asinelli tower and Garisenda tower. The ancient part of the city is very well conserved. In the charming old town centre, which is one of the best-preserved in Europe, you can find ancient palaces and churches, rich in works of art, which bear witness of the cultural importance that Bologna has had throughout the centuries. Today the town boasts one of the most modern Fair Districts in Italy, an efficient Congress Building, accomodation facilities that are abreast with the times and have become an important reference for many industrial companies of the greatest importance in the mechanical and agroindustrial sectors.
If you have a walk along the about 40 Km of arcades, which are typical of Bologna's streets, you will be able to perceive the different moods of everyday life or you can follow artistic routes in parallel with the shopping in glamorous boutiques, or at small and big markets.


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