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Viale Paolo Guidi is now known as the "isola dei Platani", a green oasis in the town centre. This long road, edged by age-old trees and gardens, is brimming with boutiques and handicraft and book shops as well as cafs providing a good excuse for a break. Summer in Bellaria Igea Marina has plenty to offer holiday makers: music, shows, sporting events and traditional Romagnolo folkloristic evenings to cater for all tastes and all age groups. The town has plenty of opportunities for open - air fun too, from the water theme park to its wide range of sporting facilities, not to mention its night spots: discos, piano bars, pubs and pizza restaurants where visitors can enjoy the carefree atmosphere typical of a holiday beside the sea. And for those who love the countryside and enjoy walking or cycling, Bellaria Igea Marina offers a variety of interesting paths through allotments, orchards and farmhouses in a countryside which preserves the beauty of its ancient geography. A walk in the town park and around Gelso Lake, a visit to the Old Village, the Saracen Tower, or a stroll along the Uso river offer visitors the chance to discover the town and all it has to offer first hand. The hinterland is rich in places of historical interest, from San Marino, the smallest state in the world, to San Leo, from Sant'Arcangelo, with its well-known annual Theatre Festival, to the characteristic villages with their castles which testify to their past under the domination of the Malatesta family, a past which is rich in stories and legends. Amongst the hills and castles one can still find a thriving and unique gastronomic tradition which succeeds in combining the flavours of the land with the intense tastes of the sea.