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For centuries the sea has shaped the history of Bellaria Igea Marina, marking the passing of time since the Medieval period when the fisherman and farmers of the old village had to defend themselves against the raids of Saracen pirates. Even today the sea still plays an important role. It was only at the beginning of the twentieth century, with the fashion for "bathing", that the therapeutic virtues of the water and air of Bellaria Igea Marina, as well as the beauty of the town itself, became well-known, transforming the seaside into a place for fun, sport and regeneration.
With its seven Km of fine pale sandy beaches, Bellaria Igea Marina is the ideal choice for those who are seeking a holiday which offers tranquillity, fun and well-being. The beach is a soft golden carpet on which children can play freely and where lovers of the open air can practice their favourite sport or sunbathe far away from the stresses of everyday life. The village has over 100 beach zones and there is no shortage of free beaches too. Clean sand, coloured beach umbrellas, sun loungers, pedal boats, children's games and great bars make for the best holiday spot on the Riviera. Sunny Bellaria Igea Marina also has plenty to offer more dynamic tourists in terms of fun and sporting activities. Many beach zones boast their own beach sport facilities, varying from the traditional bowls to beach volleyball, beach tennis and beach soccer in addition to providing other fun activities such as water aerobics and Latin American dancing.
There are two sailing clubs for boating enthusiasts, a number of tennis courts just a few hundred metres from the beach, two very beautiful golf courses only a short drive away, as well as equipped parks and cycling and trekking paths to ensure that those looking for a high energy holiday have plenty to do. Both in summer and winter, the town of Bellaria Igea Marina can be likened to an open-air "drawing room" in the true sense of the word.

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