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Cattolica, a charming seaside town with a splendid beach of fine, golden sand, has become one of the most popular and most frequented seaside resorts in Europe. A resort to be kept alive in your mind's eye: the beach surrounded by green hills, the squares, the fountains with their waterworks, the avenues, the harbour. A town which will remain in your heart: for the cordiality of its people, the warm hospitality and perhaps for one of those romances which often blossom here. Cattolica reveals itself in the host of events which take place during the year: parties, live music in the square, the allure of the theatre, the good food, the old-days flea market held weekly during the summer.
Big and small happenings prepared with care and offered spontaneously: crashing like the midsummer fireworks exhibition or delicate like the annual flower show. Cattolica was founded with hospitality in mind. A town which now has streets, squares and public buildings all wheelchair friendly. Situated on the Via Flaminia, Cattolica's origins date bake to Roman times. Site of ancient taverns which later became famous inns during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period: a tradition of hospitality which has been borne through the ages to become today's modern tourist resort.
Behind the lights, the shops, the entertainments and the sports events Cattolica reveals its true soul: cultural events, town museums, congresses and hospitality.

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