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Monuments remain as proof of this history, and can be visited, starting with the "delubrum". It is an old, pre-Romanesque temple, built under Byzantine rule between the 7th and 8th centuries, reminiscent of the rotundas of the capital, Ravenna. Next to the temple, probably the oldest building in the Bologna province, stood the old parish church of Saint Mamante, hut-shaped with a rectangular plan, and of which there now remains no trace.
In fact, due to its terrible condition, it was completely rebuilt in 1931. When visiting the centre of Lizzano, you are advised to go to Gasperini House, an interesting example of the architecture of the 17th century, with a turret at the centre of the building. The rest of Lizzano is modern, yet equally worthy of appreciation. The streets, squares, houses, public buildings and services are the most evident indications of a rich social life, which improves the visitor's stay.
The restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels complete this tiny but pleasant urban picture. Not far from the municipal capital lies the old, evocative village of Sasso. Here, a visit to the oratory dedicated to Our Lady of the Annunciation is recommended, and above all, the precious holy water stoup carved in stone and the fifteenth-century building which, according to legend, belonged to the mythical queen "Silla" are worth seeing. Also near Lizzano, on the other side of Sasso, stands the Torre (tower) building (15th century), an imposing construction which was the County seat, erected in 1517 by Pope Leon X for Galeazzo Castelli.