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Leaving Bologna by the Porta Maggiore and travelling along the Via Emilia road, one comes to Ozzano dell'Emilia, immediately after San Lazzaro di Savena. The present day territory of the municipality is characterised by its conformity with an area running longitudinally with respect to the Via Emilia; it consists of a zone represented by areas of low lying plains as well as hillsides. It is a territory considered to be one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the region.
Its identification with that of the Roman city of Claterna has been confirmed without doubt, and its stones can still be recognised here and there as having been used in the more ancient constructions of the area. It is believed that there were already settlements here in the Etruscan and Villanoviana eras. After the destruction of Claterna in the fifth century, the inhabitants took refuge in the neighbouring hillside area of San Pietro and built a fortified castle around which an inhabited area was then to develop. Following numerous attacks by mercenary soldiers, Ozzano dell'Emilia, indeed, like the rest of the region of Bologna, came under the jurisdiction of the Papacy.
From that time on, the municipality underwent the same historical changes as the main town of the region. The interesting Church of Sant'Andrea is ancient, there being records of its existence since 1077. Also of importance are the various villas such as Villa Massei, Villa Bianchetti and Villa Isolari. Finally, the Palazzo Comunale is a classic example of a nineteenth century public building

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