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In the centre of San Giovanni in Persiceto, it is possible to admire the Collegiate Church of San Giovanni Battista and the Town Theatre. The Church of the Madonna della Cintura and the Town Library are also of considerable importance.
Porta Vittoria known as the upper gate and Porta Garibaldi, known as the lower gate, join the town together by the Corso Italia street; they are the most important gates in San Giovanni in Persiceto even though the most characteristic building is the Palazzaccio or the Casa dell'Abate. Don't forget to pay a visit to the Piazzetta Betlemme, renamed Piazzetta degli Inganni.
At San Giovanni in Persiceto is possible to sample many specialities of Emilian cuisine: charcuterie, tortellini, lasagne as well as particular specialities of the location such as the "africanetti" and the savoiardi di Persiceto which are amongst the traditional alimentary-farming products of the region.

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