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Pianoro, situated on the Apennines to the south east of Bologna, this town enjoys a particularly varied territory rich in landscapes of great beauty. The most impressive are the eroded zones, the sandstone ridges and the pliocene spurs. Along the Zena can be found a natural park composed of chalk and eroded material from the Abadessa, while at the highest point of 638 metres, there is the Monte delle Formiche with its renowned sanctuary.
The historical events which unfolded in the territory of Pianoro begin with Ocno di Pianoro, an Etruscan king who, according to legend, lived and died in Pianoro. Traces of Roman occupation can still be encountered in the place names, Sesto, None and in the Roman bridge over the Savena river at Rastignano. In the year 1000 A.D., Bonifacio di Canossa was the owner of a large part of the area and resided at Pianoro castle which was completely destroyed by the Bolognese in 1377.

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