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The town of Castel San Pietro Terme, situated on the left shore of the flow of the small river, Torrente Sillaro, is an agricultural-industrial centre as well as an up-and-coming spa town. Castel San Pietro Terme was established eight hundred years ago, in 1199, following the battle of Legnano. Bologna, in fact, in order to defend its own peace and autonomy, ordered that fortified castles be built in different points around its territory. One of these points, considered particularly important for its geographical position and for the favourable outcome of the historical events it was to endure, was, in fact, Castel San Pietro Terme. One of the principle monuments is the Arcipretale church of Santa Maria Maggiore, whose faade dates back to the year 1400 and is said to have been built by Nicol Dell'Arca.
There is also a sanctuary, the Santuario del Crocifisso, whose bell tower with 55 bells is the only of its kind in Europe. Of architectural importance, there is the Cassero, overlooked by its clock tower, both are unique testimonies of the ancient, twelfth-century Medieval castle. The Palazzo Comunale, a typical eighteenth century civic construction, was erected in the year 1845, designed by the engineer Marco Mannini and is currently the town hall. The church of San Lorenzo, located in Varignana, has a crypt dating back to the ninth century.

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