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Vergato, municipality located about 40 km southwest of Bologna, is connected to Bologna by the Porrettana railway and by the Porrettana State Road.
Vergato was almost entirely destroyed during World War II.

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Tol is a pretty hamlet in the Commune of Vergato, situated in the middle of the green hills of the Bolognese Apennine. In this very joyful and delightful village, visitors can discover historical, artistic and environmental riches. The village name Tol originates from the Latin word Tauletum, meaning the skill of producing wooden boards. As a matter of fact, the locals have been skilled wood-carvers since medieval times, which was obvious considering the large woods covering the whole of its area. Owing to its location in the middle of an alluvial, it became an ideal meeting and exchange point for the inhabitants of the surrounding mountains. Until the unification of Italy, Tol was also a customs point. Its Church still preserves a copy of Sant'Agostino Carracci's Assunta above its main altar-piece. On the other hand, very little has remained of ancient picturesque buildings including the Tower (La Torre), which is listed among the most important buildings in the Bolognese Apennine.

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