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Ferrara, City of the Renaissance, and its Po Delta
World Heritage Site UNESCO

Ferrara is a city to be enjoyed walking down its streets, discovering its character of magnificent Renaissance capital and finding out how its present has arisen from that splendid past. The historical memories follow you everywhere, in the fine palaces or in the small medieval streets, and once a year they explode with the colours and sounds of the "palio" of Saint George, A city born on the water, Ferrara stili shows the marks of a close relation with its big river, the Po: the design of the streets, for example, or the modem tourist harbour, or the network of canals which surround it reaching the Adriatic Sea where the Po-Delta Park stretches for kilometres with its woods, pine-woods, lagoons, beaches and modem resorts. A peculiar atmosphere can be enjoyed in the city centre, between shops and cafs, where the rhythm of life seems to be beaten out by the silent passing of hundreds of bicycles.

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