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A source of pride for Bagno di Romagna Terme is the magnificent Forest of Lama in the National Park of Campigna, Falterona and Casentino woods. Starting from Bagno di Romagna, driving along state road 71, shortly after the Mandrioli pass (1173 m) you reach Cancellino where you will find the entrance to the forest for motor vehicles: about 20 km of carriage road with hair-pin bends and curves which will take you to the very heart of the State Forests, in the middle of majestic fir-trees and centuries-old beeches.
The woodland area is there in all its primitive beauty and the lush vegetation where broad leaf trees and conifers abound. Limpid brooks flow from the forest ridges. You can hear the echoes of the rich fauna in its natural habitat. Roedeer, deer, fallow-deer, mouflons, wild-boars, hares, dormice and squirrels can be seen during a lovely walk which ends up in a valley: trout dart about in clear streams.