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In this oasis, as well as along the path, there are special areas for those visitors who want to enjoy a pic-nic in the open air. The forest has been perfectly preserved thanks to the Cathedral Vestry Board of Florence, which has had charge of it for four centuries and to the State Forest Property which since 1914 (the year of the purchase) has been seriously involved in maintaining unchanged this precious patrimony.
No less important has been the preservation work of those small, white silent people: the monks of Camaldoli. Inside the Lama Forest there are 764 hectares of Sasso Fratino, the first entirely natural reserve in Italy this is all that remains of the great woodland that covered the Old Continent after the last glacial period.
In 1986 the territory of Sasso Fratino, a great part of which is within the boundaries of the town of Bagno di Romagna Terme, was awarded by the European Council the prestigious European Diploma for the preservation of the environment.