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Inside the S. Agnese Baths, the spa waters of Bagno di Romagna gush from a spring in the rock at a depth of 8 meters and at a temperature of 45C. The waters used are of two types: bicarbonate-alkaline and sulphurous.
Bicarbonate-alkaline waters, thanks to the many techniques with which they are applied (mud-baths, caves, baths in spa-water swimming pools, water-drinking) are effective treatment for many disorders: chronic arthropathies, inflammatory osteo-neuro-articular processes, consequence of fractures, gastroenteric diseases, nephritic lithiasis and dysmetabolic disorders.
Sulphurous waters are particularly good for chronic respiratory conditions, with the exception of tuberculosis (pulverization, inhalations, aerosol, humage) and for irrigations. The three modernly equipped spa buildings (Terme of S.Agnese, Euroterme, Terme Roseo) support and enhance the traditional range of treatments offering the possibility of specialist therapy.