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There, where nature reigns, you will find Bagno di Romagna Terme, an old village nestling in the green of the Tuscan-Romagna Appennines, at 500 meters above sea-level. If in other places time sweeps everything away, here the spirit of the past still lives, creating in perfect harmony with the present, a place made for man. A short stay at Bagno di Romagna Terme will suffice to make you appreciate the therapeutic benefits of pure and balmy air, of an unpolluted nature and spa water springs with a natural temperature of 45C.
The best hotel facilities, numerous private apartments, camp sites centres, farm-holidays and related activities, health and sport centres, natural treasures and artistic remnants will allow you to fully enjoy an eventful, amusing as well as a peaceful and pleasant holiday. Easy to reach thanks to the E45 motorway linking Umbria, Tuscany and the Adriatic coast, Bagno di Romagna Terme welcomes you to its magnificent mountains and offers you the oldest, simplest and most efficient answer to stress: nature.

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