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This is one of the main tourist locations on the Romagna side and a starting point for many excursions. The 19th century palace of the grand dukes of Lorraine was once a hunting lodge but has now been transformed into a hotel. Campigna, with its silver first and ease of transportation towards Tuscany, was important through the centuries for its production of fine wood.
The workers and keepers who worked in the woods lived here; a water-powered saw-mill was set up here for cutting the logs while the woods were tended and replanted. Campigna lies on the panoramic state road number 310 that leads up to the Passo della Calla and thanks to the constant reforestation of the past, it is still surrounded by shady fir forests. Coming up from the Romagna side, the road passes Corniolo, a tourist site that is well worth staying at all year round.

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