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Cesenatico's origins date back to the early 14th century. The townspeople of Cesena needed access to the sea, crucial to their flourishing mercantile activities. The harbour of Cesenatico soon took on growing importance for the economic and political life of the upper and mid Adriatic, attracting the envy of nearby towns which destroyed it on several occasions. In 1502, Cesare Borgia, asked the architect and engineer, Leonardo da Vinci, to strengthen the harbour. The harbour which Leonardo built on top of the older structures is still clearly visible today.
In the 18th century, the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Pietro Leopoldo, chose Cesenatico harbour, at that time mainly a even for merchant vessels, as the terminal point of highway linking the Grand Duchy with Romagna. Another historical event witnessed by the town occurred on 2 August 1849, when Giuseppe Garibaldi, with about 200 men, in 13 fishing boats, set off from Cesenatico to go and rescue Venice, which was under siege. The third millennium sees Cesenatico as one of the most famous resorts of the Adriatic Riviera of Romagna; a thriving business town with a careful eye on changes in the holiday market and a keen interest in traditions and its own history. A perfect blend of old and new, fundamental for winning the challenges of a "global" market that demands increasingly higher quality.
Valverde - Villamarina - Zadina/Ponente - The quarter of Valverde is situated about two kms far from the city center of Cesenatico - The quarter of Villamarina is situated about three kms far from the city center of Cesenatico and at the boundaries with the municipality of Gatteo - The quarter of Zadina is situated about two kms north of the city center of Cesenatico characterized by a Pineta (pinewood), close to the beach. The quarter of Ponente is situated on the east side of the harbour, which cuts through the town, ans is rich in green areas and in high-level sport facilities like Atlantica (water fun); Circolo Tennis (tennis courts); Palazzetto dello Sport (sport centre). Both Zadina and Ponente can be reached from the town center by car or by bus during the summer season.


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