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Founded in the Middle Ages as a small port, Gatteo a Mare lies on the mouth of the river Rubicon, famous historically because when crossing it Julius Caesar spoke the immortal words "Alea iacta est", "The die is cast". Gatteo began as a Roman settlement, near the ancient "Compitum" - now San Giovanni in Compito; this is attested to by the many archaeological finds such as: bricks, marble and metal objects, coins and statues, discovered throughout the surrounding area. Gatteo a Mare, the little big treasure situated on the border between "water sky and earth", discovered seventy years ago (it was formerly called Due bocche) is an example of organization of tourist-oriented services.
In its one square kilometre there are hotels, bathing establishments, apartments to let, as well as about a hundred commercial enterprises and crafts workshops. Gatteo a Mare is a small town with a lot to offer, from sport to entertainment and cultural events. Here you can listen and dance to the best "liscio romagnolo". The famous local maestro Secondo Casadei composed the famous tune Romagna Mia here in Gatteo a Mare.
Gatteo a Mare is the best you can wish for your holidays. From here you can reach the greatest art centres (Ravenna, San Marino, Venice, Bologna and Florence), the fantastic enjoying parks (Mirabilandia) or you can only dedicate your time to the well-being. Here opportunities to dedicate yourself to culture and amusement are certainly not lacking.
In Gatteo a Mare, time is of the essence: the days spent lounging on the beach, agreeable company, the chance to let yourself go, the colourful life of a small town that has certainly a lot to offer.

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