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In Santa Sofia, going up along the Bidente valley from Forl towards Arezzo, exactly where Romagna becomes Tuscany, the villag is reflected in the river, together with woods and fields. The rhythm is relaxing. But among several meeting opportunities, for sport or art, environment or music, the old friendly relations consolidate, and new relationships are based on cordiality, sincerity and sympathy. Who ever comes back knows that he will be welcomed as an old friend. In the Santa Sofia territory there is a Park.
Maybe the most mystical among the Italian National Parks, thanks to the spiritual centers of La Verna and Camaldoli. Or maybe for the presence of Sasso Fratino, the first Italian State integral reserve dated back to 1959. The fact is that the Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna, can be crossed for almost 30,000 hectares, allows us to come back to old rhythms, when the trip was mainly a physical experience: Going on foot, or skiing, can bring us to a closer relation with effort, always inside the nature that take the places left by man. Alone, or in group, it's in any case an experience to be repeated!

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