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Before getting to know the artistic treasures this historical place has to offer, we cannot help but draw your attention to the fine spectacle that the natural surroundings of Castelvetro has to offer. There are several "key spots" from which to admire splendid panoramas and interesting views of the surrounding landscape.
Mount Bettelli overlooks (the so-called monte dei Gesuiti or monte Torre, at an altitude of 281m above sea level) a distance of 50 km with Corno alle Scale, the Cimone, the Pellegrino, the Cusna as far as Cisa. Monte Croce di Levizzano offers another panoramic spot, overlooking most of the Pianura Padana and Emilia, as far as Parma. From Monte Rastelli, which you reach going along via Lunga, you can admire a stunning esplanade which leads down to the road below, which runs from Vignola to Sassuolo; once the setting of a Roman "vicus".

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