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San Secondo Parmense, Sanctus Secundus made its first appearance in 894 amongst the first permanent settlements which were formed in Roman times; it was recorded as being property of the Chapter of Parma Cathedral, which maintained its rule until 1365, when the feud was ceded by the Bishop Ugolino Rossi to his nephew Giacomo. From then and until 1817, with the death of Giangirolamo, endured the signoria of the Rossi, the Counts and Marcheses of San Secondo, who, in the 1500's, married into the Medici and the Gonzaga families. The Rocca fortress is the most interesting evidence of the powerful family. The fruit of major transformations between the XVth and the XVIth centuries, its original impressiveness underwent profound mutilations in the XIXth century.
Today, there still remain iconographical vestiges of great value, inspired by the classical themes of literature and mythology, as well as other commemorative aspects of the Family's undertakings. Amongst the other illustrious monuments at San Secondo Parmense, the Romanesque parish church of San Genesio should not be forgotten, the oldest monument of the Bassa Parmense area. Already documented around the year 1000, and severely damaged and restructured in the XIXth century, its present appearance is the result of restoration work carried out in the early Seventies.
Of great value are also the frescoes which adorn the architectural structure of the Oratory of the Beata Vergine del Serraglio, an ancient country "maest" transformed into a small church towards the end of the 1600's, and the Collegiate Church of the Beata Vergine Annunciata, founded in the Renaissance and then enlarged in the Seventeen hundreds and rich in prized pictorial and sculptural works. Also interesting are the Oratorio del Riscatto and the Ospedale della Misericordia.

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