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Tabiano Terme in the district of the commune of Salsomaggiore Spa Centre, situated on the Emilia pre-Apennines just 5 km from the main town, set in the pleasant varied surroundings of valleys and hills with medieval castles and woods, at an altitude of 166 m a.s.l. The water of Tabiano Terme, is considered one of the most effective sulphurous waters due to its high percentage of sulphurette, its high content of calcium suitabily combined with other components (carbon dioxide, litio, magnesium, iron, etc.) and due to the presence of sulphur, in its most varied forms, and the richness of the biolgical elements present.
The curative value of the mineral waters of Tabiano Terme where known to the local inhabitants in 1600, they used them to treat skin disorders and parasitic ailments. In 1838 Maria Luigia, the Granduchess of Parma, widow of Napolean I, after having visited the town consulted some men of science and bought the springs and their surrounding territory.
Doctor Lorenzo Berzieri, head director of the Tabiano Terme spa, and later Professor Emilio Respighi, carried out scientific experiments with great care to discover the medical value of this water and make a classification of their healing properties. Since then, numerous researches have taken place in collaboration with other Italian universities conferming the therapeutic properties of this water.
    Thermal treatments
  • Diseases of the respiratory ways
  • Diseases of ear, nose, throat
  • Skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, juvenile acne and rosaceus acne of adults)
  • Audiologic Centre
  • Bronchopneumologic Centre
  • Phoniatric-Logopedic Centre

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