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The new queen of the Marecchia valley is recent and dynamic. A century ago there were only the little Romanesque church of S. Marina with its old bell tower and the ancient temple of S. Pietro in Culto between the wide river bed and the road connecting Tuscany with the Adriatic coast. Trade and markets started by the lords of Talamello Castle developed and rapidly a large town grew up among the mountains of the Montefeltro region, where on every rock there normally stands a castle, a church or a ruin. Novafeltria, the former Mercatino Marecchia (Market of the Marecchia) still perpetuates its long tradition of market activity, even now the weekly market takes place on Mondays.
Amid buying and selling you can taste the humble but exquisite "piadina", a flat white bap from stalls and drink the red San Giovese wine. Even if you only desire a quick snack, you should try the famous rich cookery for which the valley of Marecchia is well known. Perticara is a small miner's village clinging to Mount Aquilone. In order to commemorate the hardship of its forefathers, who spent the best of their life in the belly of the earth, an historical mining museum has been founded. The museum contains a wide col-lection of fossiles, minerals and of course tools and machinery from the old sulphur mine, together with many documents and remains of the real life of the miners. They are also restoring the old mining establishment,including pits, as an extention of the museum.

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