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Talamello lies between a beutiful pi-newood and a century old chestnut wood, it is spread over a high plateau on the slopes of Mount Pincio. It also has a glorious history, but its fame is mostly due to the "Fossa" Cheese. This unique product is preserved in deep holes in the tufa rock and left to mature for some months, so that, when it comes out, it has that un mistakable quality which creates of it a D.O.C. product, the "Amber of Talamello". If you want to taste it you can go to the famous trade fair. This is in fact one of the most attractive events in Talamello, the other is the Frog Festival where you can taste another famous local dish: frog's legs.
Places of interest worth a visit are: the Church of S. Lorenzo, containing the panel of a "Crucifix" ascribed to the 14th century School of Rimini and particularly the "Cella", a cemetary cell beautifully frescoed by Antonio Alberti from Ferrara in 1427. If you walk in the historical centre you should pay a short visit to Amintore Galli's birthplace. He was the author of "the Workers' Hymn", in which he confidently announced his faith in the future: "... the future shines".

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