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As a remarkable examplar of medieval lowland castrum, Bagnara has a very interesting historical town centre, completely sorrounded by defensive walls. The symbol of the small town is the Sforza fortress, which nowadays still shows the definitive layout arranged by Caterina at the end of the XVth century. The most relevant elements are the big mastio, the perimetric porticos and the inner courtyard. To see also the Mascagni Museum and he Villa Morsiani in a tranquil setting along the Canale dei Molini with the hills in the background.
Rocca Sforzesca: the imposing fortress is part of a medieval castle built in 1354, upon request of Barnab Visconti. After being completely destroyed, the building got the present structure at the end of XV century thanks to the local dominant families Riario and Sforza. Worth of mention are the mastio, designed by the Florentine architect "mastro Giorgio", and the elegant porch that seems to have been wished by Caterina Sforza.

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