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In 1290 Maghinardo had a tower built on the rock where today the clock tower is situated: it was supposed to compete with Francesco Manfredi's building in Faenza and it was built with massive gypsum blocks. At its feet the rest of the village developed. Art, history and architecture in Brisighella are a dramatic fusion. Visitors will enjoy extraordinary views and unusual perspectives from the tower balconies, from the fortress or from Monticino sanctuary, and in that scenario visitors will experience one of the most intense historical and artistic discoveries of Romagna. To see: the fortress, hosting the Museum of farmers' work; XIII century clock tower; Monticino Sanctuary; the collegiate church of San Michele Arcangelo; the via degli Asini (donkey's road) an enchanting walk that preludes to the medieval citadel; the Civic Museum; the Convento dell'Osservanza; the Pieve di Th, the most ancient meditation and pray site of the area.