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On the trial of the antique peregrinations towards Rome (Le vie dei Romei). Opportunity of visits and excursions in the province of Ravenna on the occasion of the Jubilee of the year 2000. (by Giorgio Montanari)

In quest of the original peregrinations between Rome and the Gaults the Romans frequently had to cross the wide, often marshy but fertile plains both north and south of the river Po.
Romagna (Romandiola), like many other parts of Europe, had a functional and efficient road system, which was used for more than a millennium and which left marks on the normal daily life of the inhabitants of that area.
When Christianity began to spread, and Rome, as well as being the capital of the Empire, became the abode on earth of the vicar of Christ, pilgrims everywhere poured into Rome using the antique roads most of which signs are still visible today.
At the beginning of the Middle Ages, at about the dawn of the millennium, these pilgrimages were not only "a simple journey from one place to another".
They had a particular religious meaning, in fact a pilgrimage to a "sacred place" of Christianity meant an atonement and purification of the souls of sinners.

Roman Age

Byzantine Age

Medieval Age
The realities of Pilgrimages

Organization of the Pilgrimages

The Romei
Peregrination towards Rome

Parish Churches
The "Roadside Crosses" and the "Hospitia"

The motive of a Pilgrimage

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